DC: Announces The Flash, Constantine, Gotham, and iZombie, four different shows with one of them having a lead female role. Makes plans for a Justice League film with half the confirmed cast to be POC, has plans for 11 other films including Wonder Woman.

Marvel fans: All DC has is batman, get your shit together DC, we’ve already had an avengers film with all white male lead roles and one female we’re so ahead of you, wheres the wonder woman film, our one show has a female lead role!

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BREAKING: Flash TV Series Officially Picked Up!



Via The Hollywood Reporter the CW has officially picked up the Flash TV series!

DC Comics-inspired The Flash was considered a lock from the minute it was announced last year. From Arrow producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, star Grant Gustin (Glee, 90210) earned rave reviews for his role as Barry Allen/The Flash in two Arrow episodes this season.

It’ll be great to have the Scarlet Speedster back on the screen. It’s been 10 years Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner) made his first of just three guest spots on Smallville, 10 since Warner Bros. started developing a live-action version of the Flash for movies, and more than two decades since the 1990-1991 live-action Flash TV show starring John Wesley Shipp.

The CW also picked up iZombie, an adaptation of the quirky Vertigo horror/comedy series by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred. Gotham was announced earlier this week. There’s going to be a lot of DC/Vertigo joining Arrow on the screen this fall!

Congratulations to everyone involved in the show!

The Flash: Grant Gustin In the Suit


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This blog is doomed. IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY.

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Things that the MCU really impressed me with




  • Making Tony Stark an A-lister
  • Realistic reactions to world-shattering events
  • PTSD
  • Jane Foster participating in the Final Battle in The Dark World, to the point where she was contributing an amount equal to Thor’s punchings
  • Darcy
  • Coulson
  • Maria freakin’ Hill
  • Making the first Captain America 99% a period piece
  • Making the first Thor a fairy tale
  • Jane Foster specifically putting science above everything else, up to and including the time she hit the primary protagonist with a car and it was mostly an annoyance to take him to the hospital because she had science to do
  • Jane Foster just in general
  • Can we please have Sam Wilson in everything
  • Clint Barton telling Coulson to hurry up and make the call or else he’s going to change his mind
  • Giving Sharon Carter screentime independent of smooches with Steve
  • Peggy Carter just in general
  • Finally finding the right Bruce Banner and hopefully keeping him this time
  • I’m not kidding about Natasha Romanov. Every single plot thread in The Avengers rotated around her, and not in any sort of bad way.
  • Tony Stark’s love of showboating and AC/DC
  • Pepper Potts being a badass without having to make herself a fighter
  • Pepper Potts being a fighter anyway
  • The near-perfect pacing and cinematography of the later MCU movies. They’re not just great superhero movies, but they’re great movies.

As an addendum to the bold: Jane gets the final action against Malekith. Thor places the…whatever it’s called, the plot device that messes with reality but Jane is the one who throws the switch to send Malekith away for good. Jane saved the day with science!

  • Technological advancements and engineering visuals porn. BLESS.
  • Sam Wilson in general.
  • Not only introducing PTSD for heroes, but also showing therapy as an effective and in no way belittling or embarrassing way of working through it.
  • Hinting and easter eggs of yet un-debuted Marvel heroes and concepts without making the films inaccessible to non-comics fans.
  • Making the multiple stories work together for a combined universe.
  • Thor being the one that fell head over hindquarters in love first.
  • Ladies as higher ranking or outright leaders of the in-universe corporate/government power structures, Pepper Potts, Peggy Carter, Maria Hill, Sharon Carter, etc.
  • Pepper and Rhodey not always indulging Stark’s more destructive, boorish, and selfish tendencies.
  • Steve sasses women and then flees, usually out of an airplane.
  • Making the non-heroes a part of the solution: military, local police, SHIELD Agents, etc.
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Wally West and Legacy Identities


This is something that’s been percolating in my head for a while, and I thought I should post it before the Wally West conversation becomes totally dominated by this week’s Annual. This isn’t about the New 52 version, but about the two decades in which Wally West was DC’s primary Flash, and how that relates to Barry Allen and the “ownership” of the Flash identity. I’ve seen it suggested that legacy characters like the post-Crisis Wally West are like stalkers or identity thieves. It’s probably no surprise that I don’t see it that way.

What’s in a Name?

The way I see it, there are two kinds of super-hero identities:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do.

Nice Suit!For Bruce Wayne, Batman is who he is. It’s the way he deals with his childhood tragedy. While Dick Grayson as Batman is interesting, he has less of a personal connection to the mantle than Bruce does.

Green Lantern is what Hal Jordan does. For Jay Garrick (at least when he’s younger) and Barry Allen, the Flash is less who they are and more what they do. Bart Allen? Impulse is who he is (pre-Flashpoint, anyway), and Kid Flash is what he does. (If you think about it, “Kid X” almost invariably implies a “What you do” identity, because kids grow up.) Arguably, being the Flash is more a part of Wally’s personality than it is of Barry’s, which is built more around his scientific outlook.

“What you do” identities can be passed along a lot more easily than “who you are” identities. They’re careers, businesses that can bring on a partner and move on to a successor. That’s why we’ve got four-plus in-continuity Robins (DC even referred to the Robin identity as an “intern program,” which fits perfectly)…but Batman successors in the present day (i.e. not Beyond) always hand the cowl back to Bruce within a year or so.


My take: Wally West didn’t steal his uncle’s identity. He inherited the family business.

Imagine the Flash Detective Agency, with Barry Allen as sole proprietor. He brings on his nephew Wally West as an assistant, shows him the ropes, takes him on as partner, and when Allen meets his untimely end, West steps up to keep the agency going. He takes over any open cases that Barry was working, sees a lot of the same clients, inherits a cell phone full of contacts (some of whom will talk to him, some of whom won’t)…and also inherits a lot of the enemies that the Flash Detective Agency has made over the years. Like anyone taking over an existing business, he’ll do some things the same and others differently. He’ll lose some old clients and win over new ones. He’ll make new enemies. And eventually he’ll make the business his own.

This is a bit more literal for Jesse Quick, who inherits QuickStart Enterprises from her father as well as taking on a variation of his superhero identity.

Or to take a non-comic book example, it’s easy to imagine that Veronica Mars will one day take over her father’s detective agency for good. That won’t make the agency any less the real Mars Detective Agency, nor will it make her accomplishments any less valid. The same goes for Wally West as Keystone/Central’s resident super-speedster.

Of course, the chances are rather slim that Keith Mars will come back after 20 years, take back the business, put Veronica on receptionist duty and then rewrite company history without her presence…


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I don’t see how “Rat Queens” doesn’t have a huge following on tumblr. The back of the comic reads: “This modern spin on an old school genre is a violent, monster killing epic that is like Buffy meets Tank Girl in a Lord of the Rings world on crack!” 

The whole plot is hilarious and the characters are awesome! 

There’s Hannah: an elf. Daughter of “two seriously demented necromancers” and a mage with a temper.


Dee: A socially awkward human and “a reformed acolyte from the blood drinking, squid worshiping sect of N’rygoth”.


Violet: A warrior dwarf who left her family and shaved off her beard to join the Rat Queens: 


And finally: Betty, the hippie smidgen. She loved alcohol and drugs as much as she loves sex (which is a lot, by the way). Her small size helps in sneaking around and maneuvering around enemies.


The girls go around on quests and once they complete them, the parties start and they don’t stop till everyone gets arrested or beaten up.


It’s fantastic. 

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